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The Science Behind Disneyland’s Irresistible Appeal: Smells, Social Media, and Nostalgia



Disney's theme parks lure repeat visitors through "Smellitzers" emitting comforting scents, social media influence, and nostalgia. (Shutterstock)
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Disney’s theme parks have a unique appeal that keeps visitors coming back, and according to some scientists, it’s all down to the company’s clever strategies.

The Power of Scent

One of the key factors is the use of “Smellitzers,” machines that emit familiar and comforting scents throughout the parks. These scents not only enhance the visitor experience but also trigger memories and positive emotions, which can lead to a desire to return.

Social Media Influence

Disney also capitalizes on the power of social media, encouraging visitors to document and share their experiences. This creates a sense of peer influence, with people feeling compelled to visit the parks after seeing their friends and family’s posts.

Nostalgia as a Marketing Tool

Another significant factor is the nostalgia that Disney parks evoke. From old-time attraction posters to classic movie characters, the parks are filled with reminders of the past. This nostalgia can lead to improved mood, stronger social bonds, and reduced anxiety, all of which can motivate visitors to return.

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