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This World Renowned Art Icon Crafts His Masterpieces in Fresno



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When I think of the Central Valley, vibrant illustrations of art, culture, and nature dance around like the flicker of an 8 mm film. But in the midst of these images, the name of one artist whose work encompasses all these facets comes to mind: Stan Bitters.

Stan is a Valley native who is world-renowned for his work in ceramics and architectural installations.

After attending UCLA, he returned to the Central Valley as the principal artist at Hans Sumpf Company in Madera. His creative prowess and love of clay provided the company with a stylistic imprint and creative identity. Stan’s iconic birdhouses, thumb pots, and other ceramic designs would solidify him in the art world and be the catalyst for his career.

In 1963, he left Hans Sumpf and started his own studio after being commissioned to build fountains for the Fulton Mall (currently on display alongside the sidewalks of Fulton Street). Later, he created wall murals for Duncan Ceramics, Guarantee Savings, and other companies.

Stan continues to work in his Fresno studio creating installations for clients all over the world.

A young Stan Bitters poses with one of his ceramic masterpieces. (Facebook/Stan Bitters)

A massive architectural installation in Los Angeles by Stan Bitters. (Facebook/Stan Bitters)

Stan Bitters’ “Sun People” (Facebook)

Chad is a creative professional from the Central Valley. He comes from a 15-year-long career in broadcasting, covering numerous elections and television specials. He has also worked with big-name companies like ABC, Walt Disney, FOX, and USA Triathlon. When he is not working, Chad likes to spend his time outdoors. He loves to hike, camp, and compete in triathlon events.

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