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Convicted Torturer Who Skips Last Day of Trial Wanted in Tulare County



If you see Felimon Salas, 37, of Strathmore, contact local law enforcement immediately, Tulare County authorities say. (GV Wire Composite/Paul Marshall)
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Facing the possibility of being convicted in Tulare County for domestic violence and torture, Felimon Salas didn’t show up for the last day of his trial.

The jury convicted him in absentia on Monday and now authorities are looking to find Salas for his sentencing, the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release on Tuesday.

Salas, a resident of Strathmore, faces life in prison.

Authorities ask that anyone with information on his whereabouts contact law enforcement immediately.

Tortured the Mother of His Child

According to prosecutors, Salas repeatedly and violently beat the mother of his child with his fists, cooking utensils, and beer bottles causing significant lacerations and bruising to her head and neck, as well as cracked teeth in early 2021.

In one instance, court testimony revealed, Salas drove the injured victim to the base of a hill and made her walk up it to “earn her spot back in their family.”

Salas then fled to Mexico to avoid arrest. Acting on a tip, however, authorities arrested him in February 2022.

Bail Reduced, He Got Out of Jail

With his initial bail of $500,000 reduced to $50,000, Salas made bond and was let out of jail. Apparently sensing he couldn’t beat the charges, Salas disappeared again before the trial’s final day.

The jury convicted him of torture, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and five counts of domestic violence. Numerous counts were enhanced with special allegations of using
a deadly weapon and inflicting great bodily injury.

“Prosecutors worked diligently to bring justice in this case. If you are a victim of this type of crime, do not hesitate to reach out to those who can help,” said District Attorney Tim

“After being a fugitive from justice for a year, it is mind-boggling that this defendant was afforded such a significant bail reduction. In 2021, he fled accountability, and it is tragic that this victim and other victims of violent crime have their justice eroded by progressive policies. This is one of the more glaring examples of our legislative and societal push toward severely degrading the cash bail system.”


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