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Flashback: Netanyahu Accused of Financing Terrorism with Controversial Gaza Fund Transfers



In 2019, Benjamin Netanyahu defended allowing Qatari funds into Gaza, despite criticism from political leaders. (Shutterstock)
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defended his country’s decision to allow Qatari funds to be transferred to Gaza, arguing that it is part of a wider strategy to keep Hamas and the Palestinian Authority separate. Netanyahu stated that in the past, the Palestinian Authority would transfer millions of dollars to Hamas in Gaza, and by Israel serving as the conduit, they can ensure the funds are not used for terrorism. He also argued that those against a Palestinian state should support the transfer of funds to Gaza, as it helps maintain the separation between the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza.

Netanyahu’s Gaza Policies Draw Fire from Political Leaders

Netanyahu’s approach to Gaza, particularly his decision to allow funds to be transferred to Hamas, has drawn widespread criticism from political leaders across the board. The Blue and White Party has called for an end to these payments, likening them to mafia-style “protection” payments.

Former Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who stepped down due to disagreements over Gaza policies, has labeled the payments a “miserable decision,” and accused Israel of financing its own terrorism.

Labor Party member Haim Jelin accused Netanyahu of underestimating the threat posed by incendiary projectiles launched from Gaza, stating that residents living near the Gaza border are suffering due to the government’s lack of policy and arrogance in dealing with terror.

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