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Center for Constitutional Rights Alleges Complicity of US in Potential Genocide in Gaza by Israel



The Center for Constitutional Rights says Israel may be committing genocide against Palestinians, with U.S. complicity. (AP/Abed Khaled)
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The Center for Constitutional Rights has released a legal analysis of what it describes as an ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people by Israel, with the U.S. being complicit.

The release followed the U.S. veto of a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemned both Hamas’s attack on Israel and all violence against civilians, while also calling for humanitarian access to Gaza.

The CCR analysis expressed concern that the alleged genocide may not only continue but could potentially intensify, given the anticipated trajectory and intensity of the Israeli ground invasion and bombing of Gaza.

The CCR noted that Palestinians and Palestinian human rights organizations have long cautioned about the potential for genocide in the occupied Palestinian territory. The group’s analysis suggests that the U.S. — and U.S. citizens, including the president — can be held responsible for their role in furthering genocide.

Read more at Center for Constitutional Rights.


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