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US Brokers Tentative Deal for Temporary Ceasefire, Hostage Release in Gaza



US nears deal with Israel and Hamas for a temporary ceasefire and release of hostages, potentially the first sustained pause in the conflict. (AP/Kin Cheung)
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The United States is reportedly on the brink of brokering a deal between Israel and Hamas that would see a temporary cessation of conflict and the release of several hostages in Gaza. The agreement, which could be finalized in the coming days, would require a five-day halt in combat operations while an initial group of hostages are released in small increments every 24 hours. The deal would also allow for a significant increase in humanitarian aid to enter Gaza from Egypt.

The potential agreement is the result of weeks of negotiations in Doha, Qatar, involving Israel, the U.S., and Hamas, represented indirectly by Qatari mediators. The deal would mark the first sustained pause in the Gaza conflict, but it is not yet clear how many of the estimated 239 hostages would be released under the agreement.

The U.S. administration has been pushing for a pause in the fighting, with President Biden and other senior officials making multiple visits to the region. The administration’s primary focus has been on securing the release of nine American hostages and one permanent U.S. resident. The hope is that if the release of women and children is successful, other groups of captives will then follow.

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