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Michigan Township Stands its Ground, Declares Itself a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary



Holton Township in Michigan's Muskegon County declares itself a 'Second Amendment sanctuary' opposing red-flag laws and forming a citizen's militia. (GV Wire Illustration/David Rodriguez)
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Holton Township, nestled in Michigan’s Muskegon County, has declared itself a ‘Second Amendment sanctuary,’ vowing not to enforce any red-flag laws that infringe upon the rights of its citizens to own guns and ammunition.

This move mirrors a similar resolution passed by Michigan’s Livingston County earlier this year.

The resolution states, “the Holton Township Board declares and confirms to express its intent to stand as a Sanctuary Township for Second Amendment rights, and to oppose, within the limits of the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Michigan, any efforts to unconstitutionally restrict such rights.”

The township also added a provision for the formation of a citizen’s militia. The Militia Public Security Act says it is designed to ensure the security and rights of Holton Township residents.

The militia is open to all legal residents of the township, with the only requirement being a simple declaration of intent. This can be done through social media, a conversation with friends or family, or a formal letter to the Township Militia. However, there are a few stipulations: candidates must be over 18 and pass a federal firearms background check.

The militia members are expected to provide their own firearms, adhering to all federal, executive, county, and state regulations. The addendum also specifies the types of firearms and ammunition that are acceptable, all of which must have been legal by federal law as of March 27, 2021.

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